Gold Link Charm Bracelet

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7" 14 KT GOLD CHARM BRACELET with 11 vintage charms! Although the charms are not all gold-the loops have been soldered together so the owner wouldn't loose them - as they must have had great sentimental value as well. Let's start with the bracelet which is 7" and is marked 14KT on the clasp and has a safety catch. It is a double loop design - which is great for hanging even more charms! The charms are a gold plated SLOT MACHINE from Las Vegas, a silvertone (sterling) race horse and jockey from Churchhill Downs, a goldtone metal pitcher and bowl, a goldtone (probably goldfilled) Sweet 16 disk, a 14 KT GOLD Christmas Tree with a star on the top, a goldwashed STERLING WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS Disneyland Charm, a STERLING Happy Birthday charm with a cake cut out complete with candle on top (1 stone out of 3 missing), a Senior Prom charm from Mercy, a Minnesota Rheindeer, and a monogramed disk KPA with a small diamond in it - goldtone

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